Although the name has been changed to “Elite Wine, Food & Travel,” to better reflect the current focus of the magazine, our commitment to inform and entertain our readers remains unchanged.

In 1992, the first issue of Enoteca Wine & Food Magazine rolled off the press and, thanks to our loyal writers, advertisers and readers, the publication has carved and maintained a special niche in today’s magazine market.
In each issue we explore the world of:


Contributing writers present various perspectives and refreshing points of view, including the buying of wines and spirits; new listings and new producers. Explore with us such topics as how your favourite champagne is produced, or learn about the grapes and blending procedures used to create your preferred wine. Global competition has elevated the wine industry from the elite and traditional regions of the world, to include more players from such “new world" countries as Australia, South Africa, Chile, to name just a few. Wine aficionados, as well as members of the hospitality industry, will find this publication a source of valuable information



Each issue will include an eclectic range of recipes that can vary from healthy snacks you can serve your children when they return from school, to an exotic menu for a dinner party. The latest in food products and/or health concerns may also be covered. No matter the recipes, you are invited to experiment with new food ideas, and gain confidence not only in the kitchen but also in the pairing of wine with your daily meals.



Local and international destinations, along with colour photographs, will be highlighted in each issue. Look for articles from our contributing writers, special inserts covering travel destinations, or stories of extraordinary vacations submitted by our readers.Ultimately, you will learn much, and gain respect and appreciation for wines, spirits, food and travel.




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