Experience the Passion and Tradition of Italian Wines
Article and Photo by Kait Nienhuis

It’s no surprise that more than three thousand years of winemaking has made Italy one of the leading producers of quality wines in the industry.

Structured and often complex, these wines don’t just come from the vineyards but also from the heart and soul of the Italian people. A part of their culture, wine is ever present with meals and every day life. Small, family owned and operated wineries can be found all over the country and produce wines that are often both unique and delightful.

A recent Italian wine tasting in Toronto, hosted by the Italian Trade Commission and the Consulate General of Italy, featured incredible wines from some of Italy’s major producing regions like Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto.

The atmosphere was lively and welcoming and it didn’t take long to discover that the Italian winemakers are as passionate about their wines as consumers are about drinking them. A perfect example of such passion occurred when I tasted Montecucco Sangiovese “Terre Dei Bocci” 2007 from Perazzeta Azienda Agricola in Tuscany.

As I expressed my appreciation for this fantastic wine full of fruit notes, oak and smooth tannins, the winemaker told me he crafted this particular Sangiovese from three varietals: Sangiovese, passion and love.

Italian wine producers show off their finest at the University of Toronto’s Hart House on May 17.

Whether you prefer bold reds from Piedmont, a smooth Amarone from Veneto, or the classic Chianti from Tuscany, Italy’s many wine producing regions offer a diverse selection of beautiful wines crafted from tradition, love, and the wisdom of the ages. The next time you’re feeling thirsty, dust off that decanter and taste the passion for yourself.




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